The Gumshoe (Web TV Series Trailer)

Director: Sean King | Writers: Sean King & Ray Starmann | Producers: Les I. Goldman, Sean King & Ray Starmann

Director - Sean King | Writers - Sean King & Ray Starmann | Producers - Les I. Goldman, Sean King and Ray Starmann In the middle of the night on Valentine's Day, 1947. Nick McGraw was on the verge of cracking the biggest unsolved case Los Angeles had ever seen when he was called to his office. A group of hungry reporters had gathered for the scoop of the century. Two of Hollywood's most popular actors had been murdered. And, McGraw knew who did it. What he didn't know was that Uncle Sam was running a classified program from the top floor of his building. Some half-baked quantum physics experiment about time travel. During a freak storm, a powerful lighting bolt struck the top antenna of the building. The elevator became a vessel for some type of inter-dimensional travel. When the shaking stopped and the doors opened, McGraw stepped out into a strange new world. It's 2011 and he may be far from home, but he's still got unfinished business to take care of. He's Nick McGraw, private eye. They call him THE GUMSHOE.

Generation Gap (Hallmark Channel MOW)

Director - Bill Norton | Writers - Sean King & Ray Starmann

Teenager Dylan has been in another fight at his NYC high school. At her wit's end, his mother sends Dylan to her father for the summer. Grandpa spends hours with his chums at the local VFW post, but he makes time to think of chores to keep Dylan busy. Dylan learns there is more to life than electronics and pop culture. His grandfather teaches him lessons that turn him into the man he was meant to be.

Silverlake Video - The Movie (Feature)

In association with Make It Happen Films

Director - Matteo Ribaudo | Writer - Matteo Ribaudo | Producers - Sean King, Ray Starmann, Les Goldman and Matteo Ribaudo

Based on true events. Ben, a regular guy, on the verge of losing his video store, has one day to get a business partner before his lease expires. His day takes a turn for the worse, when his "out of his league" girlfriend leaves a message, proclaiming "We need to talk". With no where else to turn for moral support, he opens up a Pandora's Box, when he seeks advice from the local flavor of the neighborhood, Silverlake.