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91st & Broadway

"RJ Jenkins discovered the meaning of life on the corner of 91st and Broadway"
91st and Broadway is a coming of age story about the power of friendship and the unlimited potential of imagination. Set during the holidays, 91st and Broadway is the story of RJ Jenkins, a 13-year old aspiring writer who befriends a group of street people living in an abandoned subway station underneath Manhattan. RJ meets Pope Sullivan, a homeless 14-year old runaway from an orphanage. The two boys begin a friendship that propels them on a myriad of adventures across New York City. RJ's new friends provide the support that was missing from his wealthy and distracted family. As their friendship grows, Pope seeks stability while RJ looks for a sense of belonging and confidence. RJ and Pope discover that they have more in common than they could have ever imagined.


"Four people will do anything for a bag worth 300 million dollars."
The Crown Jewels are stolen from the Tower of London by US Navy Intelligence officer and master thief John Thaddeus. Working for notorious crime boss, Artimis Cote, Thaddeus is instructed to smuggle the jewels back to New York City where they'll be fenced. Thaddeus unobtrusively boards the USS Raven with the jewels concealed in a Samsonite case. Unfortunately, Thaddeus' simple plan is blown to smithereens when the Raven collides with a minesweeper off of Greenland. He's forced to abandon ship with the jewels and survive at sea. After being rescued by a Canadian fishing boat, Thaddeus kills the crew and makes his way to Canada and back into the United States. Veteran Scotland Yard detective Raleigh Macleod and Rookie FBI agent Kelly Stokes begin a worldwide manhunt to find the jewels and bring Thaddeus and Cote to justice. Their unrelenting pursuit takes them across the globe in a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

Six Ways From Sunday

"Buyer Beware"
International art thieves, E.B. Sunday, an American and Danny Wells, a Brit, are modern-day versions of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Three years after purloining Edward Munch's "The Scream" in broad daylight, the two lovable villains are running low on cash and patience, while making a paltry living hijacking Victoria Secret trucks. They decide to launch their greatest operation; the theft of the Mona Lisa while it's being displayed at the Queen's Exhibit in Buckingham Palace. After the successful and chaotic robbery, the black market art world is in a frenzy to obtain the painting. Sunday and Wells exploit three unsuspecting buyers with three perfectly painted fakes. Instead of one payday, they receive three. Little do they know that they're the targets of an intricate police sting. Not only do they have the cops on their tails, but three ruthless black market buyers that they conned. Hiding out on the French Riviera, the two thieves must out-maneuver everyone, execute another spectacular heist and make one last successful escape.

The Gumshoe

Los Angeles, 1947; NICK MCGRAW, 35, a self-employed, hard-boiled private eye is on the verge of cracking the biggest case of his life, the murder of film actress, Veronica Davis. In the middle of the night, during a violent storm, McGraw is called to his office to speak with reporters who were tipped-off about the case. Unbeknownst to McGraw, the U.S. military is running a top-secret intra-dimensional time warp program from the top floor of his office building. The program is a continuation of Tesla's defunct 1943 Philadelphia Experiment - After dismissing the reporters from his office, McGraw steps into the elevator as the storm rages outside. Lightning hits a series of strategically placed antennas on the roof; causing the elevator to act as a dimensional super-conductor. McGraw emerges from the elevator and stumbles out to an unfamiliar Wilshire Boulevard and the year…2012.

In the pilot episode, Nick McGraw must deal with the fact that the world has changed immensely since 1947. He's a walking anachronism who must come to terms with the world around him. His social worker, Cindy Nakamura helps McGraw adjust to society, while futilely attempting to bring a little political correctness into McGraw's life.

Meanwhile, McGraw lands a job, working for the two-bit, shady private eye, Milo Robinson. McGraw's first task is to tail socialite Skye Farmington to a swank Bel Air party. There, McGraw spots the man suspected of murdering Veronica Davis 65 years before, 86 year old, multi-millionaire Randolph Grant. With the help of the LAPD, McGraw is shocked to learn that the Veronica Davis case is unsolved and one of Los Angeles' most famous murder mysteries.

McGraw solves the Davis case and becomes an instant celebrity. His 1940's aura is considered by the public to be just a useful business shtick. But, one man believes McGraw may be telling the truth about traveling from the past, UCLA professor of physics, Alexander Petrov.

As we fade out, McGraw is watching a TV news story about the last living survivors of the Battle of the Bulge. McGraw is in shock when he sees his former assistant and World War II buddy, Buck LaForge, on TV. LaForge, now an old man, is being interviewed in a Santa Monica nursing home.

The Gumshoe is a story with many facets. It has a science fiction quality to it, a crime/mystery element and much comedy when the greatest generation collides with the jackass generation.